Bret Weinstein and Heather - Darkhorse Podcast

  • If you know Bret's background at Evergreen, you will enjoy this prescient analysis by Bret even more. This is his take on what's going on with the protests/riots, and what the Antifa-types want.

    Link to video

  • Good thoughts by Brett and Heather. I've seen it bandied about that the election of Trump constituted the right's intentional destruction of the system so it can be rebuilt. I suppose there is a kernel of truth to it. Sadly, the other political side has given these anarchists, who are way more committed to destruction in a very real and practical sense, the cover of virtue. And the anarchists are exploiting it.

    That said, the idea that there is the goal to destroy and rebuild seems to me to overstate the organization behind the riots. I think the rioting was just mobs being mobs, sacking cities like in the old days.

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