Tonight's dinner - cheesehead

  • Very simple meal tonight

    Some baby white potatoes, deep fried (a 'la Fondue).
    Frozen broccoli in the microwave.

    I "dry-brined" a strip steak for 36 hours in the fridge (generous covering with salt, and let it sit).

    Then, into the sous vide, with some dried (didn't have fresh) rosemary to about 119 degrees.

    Then onto a skillet with canola oil, and butter to sear. When I flipped to sear the other side, I topped it with gorgonzola. A bit over cooked to my taste, but delicious nevertheless.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 6.49.58 PM.png

    (that's Mrs. George's hockey puck on the right, by the way)

  • Looks great.

  • @Horace said in Tonight's dinner - cheesehead:

    Looks great.

    The gorgonzola melted a bit as the steak seared. I used canola oil and butter to sear the steak, and I spooned it over both steaks.

    Just wonderful flavors.

  • No mayonnaise?

  • @jon-nyc said in Tonight's dinner - cheesehead:

    No mayonnaise?

    Not tonight. I didn't know how the mayo would interact with the gorgonzola, so didn't do it.

    Next time, however, I'll try it.

  • Nice. We had a friend over for grilled pork chops (Aussie chook salt and Boar's Night Out White Lightning rubs) with a green salad with lemon shallot vinaigrette. Delicious. Had an excellent and inexpensive ($25) Pomerol.

  • You are all fat.

    I've been wanting to say that for years, and given all the riots I finally got the nerve.

    Except Ax. He's not fat. He eats like weird sea creatures, and nobody that eats weird sea creatures can ever be fat.

    Let's see. Dinner. Tonight I'm having a couple of cheese sticks, and tortilla strips. Ice cream later, though I may have polished that off last night. Ha. And you think I'm kidding. Feel sorry for me, it's hard living way out here in the violent west.

    Speaking of hard living, I wonder if Jolly has posted recently, there's really nasty weather on him, if he lives east of New Orleans like I think he does.

  • I'm not fat, you're fat, fatso.

  • @Horace said in Tonight's dinner - cheesehead:

    I'm not fat, you're fat, fatso.

    My fat's bigger and better than your fat.
    So there.

  • Rainman, your sense of humor is bodacious. 😆

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