Tom Brady's Shadow

  • I've been a New England Patriots fan for a long time.

    So I wasn't happy when I found out a ways back that future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady left the Pats and has become a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

    At this point, second year quarterback Jarrett Stidham may become the first string quarterback for the Patriots. Maybe he'll become a franchise QB for New England.

    So will Stidham become one of the all-time great NFL quarterbacks in the future?

    Nobody knows yet.

    But even if he does become a great QB, I think he'll always be under Tom Brady's shadow as long as Stidham plays for the Patriots. The reason I believe this is because even if Stidham becomes one of the greats, I think it's highly unlikely that he'll win anywhere near six Super Bowl titles like Brady did as a Patriot.

  • I'm not sure anyone will. An unenviable position.

  • Steve Young, who played for the San Francisco 49ers, was one of the all time great NFL quarterbacks.

    But as great as he was, I don't think he ever got out of Joe Montana's shadow. He didn't win as many Super Bowls as Montana did as a 49er.

    Whoever replaces Brady in New England, whether it be Stidham or someone else, will always be under Brady's shadow, I believe.

  • Brady’s record is just too good for anyone to follow...on the Pats or any other team.

  • It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the Pats and the Bucs now though. It has the potential to greatly shift the relative reputations of Belichick and Brady.

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