For George

  • Because why not.


    He messes with the other two cats terribly, so I even the score by playing Sockaclava: basically I slip a sock over his head and leave him to figure it out.

    Also he loves being chased around the place, so I oblige often.

  • My kitteh:


    Don't ever see her all day, but in the middle of the night I wake up and she's asleep on my collarbone or forehead or some damn place.

  • You have two kittehs? They're beautiful! 😍

  • No, you have three!

    So jealous.

  • We adopted Maggie about 18 months ago. She's a Domestic Longhair stray.

    She is the sweetest, most loud-mouthed gentle cat ever.

    She's also the most timid.

    She frequently sleeps in bed with us, and loves her PM treat and brushing. She constantly talks to us, meowing all the time. She has shown zero hostility.


    At about 10 AM, she disappears. She comes out at about 5-6 PM and sits in the window. She's never out if we have guests over.

    Such a sweet cat, but I wish she weren't so fearful.

    Boris, being a kitten (despite his 13 pounds) annoys the hell out of her. He wants to play, and she growls, hisses, and bats at him. There's no real hostility between them, but every interaction between her and Boris is "Get the hell away from me!"

  • Chloe is a big talker. Also a bit of a rounder. This being the first really warm night we have had she decided she would head for the fence at dark and was climbing up it when MFR grabbed her and brought her in. She's totally pissed off at us.

  • @Mik
    Better she's safe than indulged in her desire for shenanigans. 🙂

  • Yeah, we don't let her stay out all night anymore. Besides, she likes sleeping with us and we like her to be there.

  • Well, our cat is the most well-mannered.
    She's dead.

    RIP Sassy.

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