Shell Shocked

  • I think the beaches could be safely re-opened with some regulation - 50 foot distance between parties, limited number of people total, but that would be some overhead.

  • This is where we go on the Outer Banks, separation is no problem.

    But a Jeep, or similar, is required.

    IMG_1472 (Large).jpeg

  • Problem is...Florida reopened Jacksonville's beach area. If you know that part of the world, the beach is crappy...Dark sand, even some small pebbles, etc. But the apartments and condos which are next to it, house a lot of young people. Jacksonville Beach has always been a meat market.

  • I know it well. When I had a business partner in Jax I always stayed in this crummy Days Inn high rise right on the beach. $40 a night in the mid to late 90's. I rather liked the shabbiness of the whole area at that time. But yeah. it will be crowded.

    Spoke with a good friend who lives in Marco Island most of the year now. They opened the beaches there last week, but Miami and Fort Lauderdale did not. Unfortunately Marco did not shut down the two bridges onto the island and they were invaded by east coasters, who I guess totally trashed the beaches.

  • We used to visit Marco 30 years ago. It was nice, busy in winter but not crazy. With all the high-rises they put in it looks urban to me now.

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