Ah, All Is Clear Now.

  • For Americans, anyway.

    You know about Kraft Mac N Cheese, yes? It's a little kit that comes in a box. You boil the noodles, drain the noodles, and mix in the powdered cheese stuff that comes in its own packet, along with a little milk and butter, and basta, you're done. You have a form of food.

    There is now a product called Easy Mac -- presumably for those who find the preparation of the original too challenging. This comes with elaborate instructions, including how to cope when you want to make two pouches at the same time.

    This explains everything. People who require Easy Mac would find police defunding irresistably appealing.

  • I could never abide the powdered "cheese" in that stuff.


    However, the stuff with the cheese in a squeeze out packet was marginally edible.

    But, you've inspired me to find a good mac-and-cheese recipe. Mrs. George doesn't like it (hell, she doesn't like meatloaf fercryinoutloud!), but it'll make a nice lunch for a couple of days, right?

  • @George-K: This is your lucky day. Go here and do like he says.


    Some years ago a rumor flew around that he had changed the recipe a little bit, causing much furor in the dovecote. I haven't made the "new" version, so I can't say if it is abfab deelish as the original.

    I hope you like it.

    BTW, Mrs. K isn't as bad as it gets. I still haven't recovered from Copper's declaration that he has never eaten macaroni and cheese. Can you imagine such a thing?

  • @Catseye3 thanks!

  • Check out the web for Ronald Reagan's version. Slightly different taste. Uses a sharp cheddar and dried mustard, which gives it a bit of bite.

  • Every time I consider whether to eat mac and cheese, I end up deciding that I could just have a piece of cake instead. Fewer calories, healthier, and tastier.

  • I have another dish I like that uses elbow macaroni. It's easy, and delicious.

    Brown a pound of ground beef, leaving it just a little chunky.
    Cook a few elbow macaroni noodles Al dente (not many)
    That's all the cooking you have to do.

    Add 2 boxes of beef broth
    1 can of stewed tomatoes
    1 can of corn
    1 can of peas
    Heat for a few minutes, add the macaroni, salt and pepper to taste.

    A bit of sugar will knock the edge off the acid in the tomatoes. If you like a little kick, add Frank's hot sauce to taste. Sugar and hot sauce both.... yummy!

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