Taiwan’s exemplary management of COVID-19

  • Coronavirus: How map hacks and buttocks helped Taiwan fight Covid-19

    A look at what Taiwan, its government and its people, have done right about COVID-19.

  • Asian. Island.

  • Compare to another Asian island, Singapore has 8x the cases and 4x the death count with one fifth the population of Taiwan.

  • We obviously don’t care about managing Covid. Honestly I won’t waste my time reading about who is doing what well except for antibodies and vaccines.

  • @Jolly I agree. Those are big benefits. And, as the article mentions (and seems somewhat opposite to the US), if you DONT wear a mask outside, there is a lot of pressure to do so. It is "cooler and hip" to wear a mask rather than the other way around.

    Re: Singapore - they have developed their own "homemade" contact trace app they are trying to get people to use. It seems that they did a lot of the right things. Possible part of it is that the population density is much higher. The whole country is basically a city.

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