What I missed this year

  • For the last couple of years, when Mrs. George and I have gone to Oregon, we've enjoyed a 1 1/2 hour round tip on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad.

    This year, we cancelled our trip because of the uncertainty of the virus.

    I was really looking forward to this. This video gives a pretty good idea of what the ride is like.

    Link to video

    The second video is longer, but might give a better sense of what the ride is like.

    Link to video

    We always sit in the open-air car, right behind the locomotive.

    In 2018, we had locomotive #2 pulling our train. In 2017, it was #25. #25 appeared in the movie "Stand By Me."

  • Nice. The coast is quite beautiful.

  • This is from our trip in 2018...

    Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 8.25.41 PM.png

  • That looks like a very cool trip! Very pretty country there.

    "wait til next year!!" 5555

  • George has "lived more life" in Oregon than I have!

  • @Kincaid said in What I missed this year:

    George has "lived more life" in Oregon than I have!

    Mrs. George and I love the Oregon coast.

    Portland is a great city, to be sure, and I've loved all my visits there. I've spent about 8 nights over two vacations there. The last two trips there, I was in Portland only long enough to pick up our rental car and drive to the coast.

    That said, I've seen an increase in "sketchy" areas the last few times I was there.

    Are you seeing that as well?

  • Yes, we have quite a growing homeless contingent camping apparently anywhere they damn well please, including on the boulevard strip easements between sidewalk and street in front of homes. I have been to downtown Portland about as often as you have the past 4-5 years.

  • Yeah, Kincaid's right.
    But, tell ya what, not that long ago, Portland was a really great city. University, symphony, clubs, Theatre, Jake's Crawfish on friday nights, movie theatre on Broadway, just walking around with friends was fun, or cruising Broadway. Lots of young folks, families, safe and good times.
    George, you misunderstand. That railroad trip you took, that wasn't on a vintage train. That is Oregon's new high-speed rail.
    Pretty soon they will even install tracks, just like in Big Cities!

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