Hey Klaus....

  • How do you make your carbonara? Over here it's all over the place, but my go-to is Jonathon Waxman's. Essentially 340g pasta, 225g diced guanciale, 4 egg yolks, parmesan and pepper to taste.

  • Oh, I make the simplest, most unsophisticated variant you can imagine.

    Something like 500g pasta, 4 whole eggs, a cup of cream, a cup of milk, parmesan, random bacon from the supermarket, salt, pepper, nutmeg, a little lemon juice.

  • Looks pretty upscale to me. I have seen sooo many versions of this dish.

  • Needless to say, I usually screw it up by either cooking the eggs too much or too little.

  • Meh. It's pasta with all that other stuff in it. It would be hard to mess it up and even if you did it would still be tasty.

  • Yeah, you can always still eat it, but from what I understand the key that distinguishes OK carbonara from excellent one is the timing and texture of the sauce.

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