Why the Saints should not have brought Jenkins back.

  • Unless you capitulate to our victim status and blame yourself you are a racist.

  • "The whole country is on fire and the first thing that you do is to criticise one's peaceful protest. That was years ago when we were trying to signal a sign for help, to signal for our allies, our white brothers and sisters, the people we consider to be friends to get involved. It was ignored."

    The whole country is not on fire.

    There is nothing wrong with criticizing a protest, that's what protest is.


    Kapernick was ignored?

    Are you nuts?

  • What's sad, is Breed had nothing bad to say about protesting in general or in the case of Floyd's death. He just thought kneeling for the anthem disrespected the flag and the men who fought and died under the banner.

    For that, he was chastised by even some of his teammates.

    There has never been another athlete who has given more of his time and his money to the Chocolate City.

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