Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy

  • If you go to a dermatologist for Liquid Nitrogen treatments you might hear something about Blue Light Therapy.

    I used to get the Liquid Nitrogen spray in the face for an annual treatment for actinic keratoses (precancerous stuff)

    The new dermatologist this year decided to use something different - Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy

    If you are curious you can read about it here: U - Exact&utm_term=blu u&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI58yMz67m6QIVvey1Ch03agp2EAAYASAAEgIomvD_BwE

    They wipe medicine on your face, or wherever, then you wait an hour while it soaks in.

    Then the blue light.

    I read that it was painless, I also read the it was very painful.

    It was neither, it was extremely painful, kind of like a very bad sunburn with a couple hundred hot needles jabbing your face - for 16 minutes.

    16 minutes!

    The lady handed me one of those small battery operated fans to blow on my face. I thought that I certainly won't bother with that, I am a man for crying out loud. I turned the fan on after 5 seconds and left it on for 16 minutes.

    The lady left the room just after turning on the machine, I think that was so I couldn't ask to turn the thing off. I was seriously considering turning off the machine (I had downloaded and watched the operating instructions video while I was waiting).

    So if you are thinking about this treatment, this is one man's experience. I don't know what the results will be like yet.

    I have to remain indoors (mostly in the dark) for at least 48 hours. The lady said that the sun will hurt more than the blue light. So there is no way I'll be going out.

    And I have to repeat the full 16 minute treatment again a month from now.

    So if you are considering this treatment, there is some information.

    This is the machine

    alt text

  • Interesting and good to know.

  • @jon-nyc said in Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy:

    Interesting and good to know avoid at all costs.


  • Whenever they tell you "You may feel some discomfort" you know it's going hurt like the fires of hell.

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