Florida Man, explained

  • Haven’t verified this, but I heard something of an exoneration of ‘Florida Man’ from Charles Cooke, NR editor, on a podcast.

    He said there’s an unusually broad transparency law dating to the Jeb era that makes arrest records (including pictures) more widely available than in other states. Thus a cottage industry has developed where reporters scan them and publicize the most egregious cases.

    So I guess that doesn’t exonerate him, but makes the point that his counterparts may well exist in similar numbers in other states.

    Still, I’m having trouble imagining that, say, ‘Connecticut Man’ would be as bad. Or as prevalent anyway.

  • The Springfield daily paper had the arrests from the prior day. I always read it to see who of my friends had gotten busted. It's the younger version of elders reading the obits.

  • I read the nuptials page because I'm a romantic at heart.

  • Minnesoooooota man stories are usually about a guy, or two or three, falling through the ice while supposedly ice fishing up nort'. Their ice houses may fall through, or their pickup trucks, or their snowmobiles, or any combination thereof.

    It's as if Sven, Ole, and Lars still exist every winter.

  • @jon-nyc said in Florida Man, explained:

    Still, I’m having trouble imagining that, say, ‘Connecticut Man’ would be as bad. Or as prevalent anyway.


    Connecticut man breaks window, steals women's underwear after being tossed from McDonald's for not wearing mask

    Authorities arrested a Connecticut man after he allegedly committed a series of crimes after being kicked out of a McDonald’s restaurant for not wearing a mask. The suspect reportedly broke a window at the fast-food joint and then stole several pairs of women’s underwear at a nearby store.
    Authorities took Jason Daddario into custody after the incident at a McDonald’s in Brooklyn, Conn., AP News reports. According to reports, he had been kicked out of the restaurant for refusing to wear a mask, despite a statewide order. After leaving the restaurant, he reportedly broke one of its windows with a rock.

    Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont had previously issued an executive order that face masks must be worn while in public and proper social distancing cannot be followed as part of the state’s efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Maryland Man stories are almost exclusively Baltimore Man stories.

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