Another treatment?


    Hopes are pinned on the Stanford outpatient trial of a compound called peginterferon lambda-1a. Already proven safe when tested against other illnesses, it shows early signs of efficacy against the COVID-19 virus in animals.

    Stanford is recruiting newly-infected people in hopes of reaching 120 volunteers by Memorial Day. Volunteers must be treated within three days of being tested. The drug is given as one shot — less painful than a flu vaccine — which lasts for days. Patients are seen nine times. In addition to Stanford, New York City’s Mount Sinai Medical Center is also conducting a trial.

    Currently, the only proven medication for coronavirus – remdesivir – is given intravenously to patients in hospitals after people get sick enough to be admitted. Even then, its benefit is only modest. People still die.

    For everyone else, “all we can say is: Please stay home. Self-isolate. Take Tylenol for fever. Drink plenty of fluids. And let us know how you’re doing,” said principal investigator Dr. Upinder Singh, professor of infectious diseases at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Prasanna Jagannathan, assistant professor of infectious diseases, is also leading the effort.

    “Our hope is to identify a compound that we can give to people who are going home, once they’re diagnosed,” she said. “With any infection – whether strep throat, HIV or COVID – earlier treatment is always better.

  • @George-K said in Another treatment?:
    Take Tylenol for fever.

    That was the big thing early on... All the warnings about Ibuprofen. Was there ever an official determination about the efficacy and/or risk from Ibuprofen?

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