Bipolar Disorder Often Hard To Diagnose

  • For shrinks, diagnosing mental illness can be tricky. If someone has mental illness, accurately diagnosing which form of mental illness the person has can be difficult.

    Manic depression is perhaps one of the most difficult forms of mental illness to diagnose.

    The thing is, when someone with bipolar disorder decides to get help for their issues, they often only get the help when they feel depressed. They're less likely to get the help when they feel manic, as many people who are in a manic state like how they feel and like how high functioning they are while they're manic.

    I first started seeing psychiatrists and therapists back in year 2000. And while they knew I had issues with depression as soon as I started getting the help, I wasn't accurately diagnosed with bipolar disorder until years later. Heck, even I didn't know that I was suffering from manic depression until long after I first started seeing shrinks for my mental health issues.

    So if you started getting professional help and weren't accurately diagnosed with bipolar disorder until a long time afterwards, you're not alone.

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