Funny story

  • Yesterday morning Sarah and I came down off the mountain for the first time in a week, and decided we would eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I always complain about their menu, written on grocery bag brown paper in print so small I can't read it. I noticed a sign on the hostess stand that said "ask for our large print menu or our Braille menu". That led me to believe they were separate menus, so I asked for the large print menu. The hostess reached into a cabinet behind her and pulled out this huge, thick book.... it turns out the large print menu is only the first 4 pages or so, and the rest of this book the size of an a-z encyclopedia is Braille...I sat down and started thumbing through the thing, feeling of the Braille pages, then putting it aside.

    Apparently someone in the restaurant saw me feeling of the Braille menu and decided I was blind, and felt compelled to do the poor blind man a kindness, because halfway through my meal the waiter came over and said "sir, your bill has been paid by an anonymous customer. You do not have to pay for anything."....

    I felt so guilty... But I had to laugh, because I'm not sure if the customer who paid my tab did it because I looked like I was poor, or because he/she thought I was blind. So I returned the favor by paying for every tab in that section of the restaurant, maybe 6 tables of people.

    Sarah is still laughing at me...

  • Great story. Nice that you paid it forward.

  • Great story, Larry. Remind me next time you go to Cracker Barrel and I'll make a point of sitting near you.

  • Larry, awesome story.

    The fact that you felt guilty after the anonymous customer paid your bill shows that you have compassion for others. And it was nice that you paid the tab for like six tables of other people.

    How nice it was for that person to pay your bill. Their are still lots of nice people out there, that's for sure.

  • Funny and sweet, Larry!

    So glad Sarah feels well enough to enjoy an outing.

  • I've never dined at a Cracker Barrel before. I'll have to try it someday.

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