• Get home from picking up a bottle of wine and realize that the only thawed protein n the house is a rack of ribs that did not get frozen on Sunday and needs cooked and a pack of Italian Sausages that I intended for sandwiches, but my rolls were hard. It’s way too late for the ribs and too crappy outside, plus I have too much work to do...

    What Would Mik Do?

    I salted the ribs for half an hour, tossed on my rub, wrap them in foil, and shoved them in the oven at 225 for two hours. I will unwrap them and cook them another two hours at 225... Sautéed some peppers and onions, stop grill the sausages, and toss them the other with a bunch of diced tomatoes, oregono, basil, etc...3076B8E5-1B33-4C54-B053-DBE5F2C36681.jpeg

    Covered it in Parmesan and Romano Pecorino and tossed with pasta.

  • Marry me.

    In a hunting and fishing kind of way, of course.

  • Holy shit that's awesome.

  • Looks great. Necessity is the mother of innovation.

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