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Mik: We give a fair amount of money...

I was just talking (ranting) about this again, after getting our mail.

If you give to anything or anywhere, it pisses me off that I get on some sort of list, or lists, or listss, and then get flooded with hardcopy junk in the daily mail, or the tons of unmeasurable spam. And, they think that their tricks get by me, with their personal correspondences as if I am a friend. How can a friend turn down another friend pleading for money?
Or, a friend of a friend. Or, a friend of a friends friend. How can I be so cold, when the personal letter or email addresses me in such a warm, likable manner. I'm an awful person. All they want is money, what's the big deal.
Thanks, Friends!!

Aqua would send them something unspeakable in the little envelope they so kindly provide for donations.

I'm not recommending, just saying.

Hah. Never thought of that.
And, it wouldn't need to be anything disgusting, necessarily. Just questionable, to get people to gather around and ask, "what IS that?"